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Once again the Shit Circus rolls into town.

Ok, So once again I'm looking for a job. Fucking Mervyn's iced me for too many points (their attendance policy involves a point system. 1 point for being late, 1.5 for leaving sick and 2 for calling in.) I had a few points from being sick, nothing major, then my car breaks down. So here I am trying to rearrange everyone's lives so that I can find a way to work. Now, I admit to being late, I'm not gonna lie..but I will say this when I was late, it was one or two minutes late. I even went to my manager and explained that my car went to shit and you know what she told me? "Oh, thats too bad, dont be late or we'll fire you." I wanted to take her head off right there. Of course they dont understand what an extinuating circumstance is, especially since all the managment drives brand new cars. (on a related note, I hope all their cars get stolen) Well, now I find out that my car is gonna cost either $400.00 to fix or $600.00 to fix and guess what dear readers, I DONT HAVE THAT KINDA MONEY!!!!! I'm very much on the verge of commiting Seppuku and being done with it. *sigh* Anyone know where I can get a Wakazashi for cheap?
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