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Nostalgic renditions of a long dead world.

For some odd reason I started thinking of all my old friends and such from school. There were all these people whom I believed were true friends, the kind that never fade out of your life and you can always count on. Man, what a delusional fool I was! Out of the 12 people that I could think of off the top of my head, I have contact with three of them regularly and I see two of them ever so often. I often wonder what has become of Chetzuki or Snowman, I never hear from them anymore, and as for Eternalpheonix, well...he might be dead. I know where a few of my friends are and we just havent been able to hang out because of work/travel/inconveniance to one or more party. Hmmmm the only real friend I see often is Nathan. I guess I never have really told Nate how important to me he is...he's like family, a brother. I mean, you dont know someone for damn near 13 years and them not be important. Now how do I express all this without being exceedingly homosexual? Hmmmm.

I sing a ballad for all my fallen comrades

Tom, Chandra, Sean, David, Barry, Otto, Nick, Snow, Yt
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